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BTC hasn’t exactly taken us out of the bear market yet, but man is it looking good. This is almost the cleanest breakout we have had the entire bear market since the top.

All Eyes on ETH

ETH is setting up for a potential breakout. All it needs to do is do what so many other coins (LTC, BTC, BCH, and more) have already done.

BTC Breaks Resistance and Runs Hard

BTC broke $4.2k resistance and then ran hard up to $5k as shorts closed, stop buys hit, and people jumped in. Alts lagged behind, but all things considered, the market had a nice rally.

Remember it is April Fools

No, MyEtherWallet didn’t start don’t KYC for your private keys, and no the Ethereum foundation didn’t lose a bunch of ETH. And, while yes Doge did run today, most of what sounds odd is an April Fools joke.