How to use Fantom (Simple)

To use Fantom for DeFi and swaps like SpookySwap, download MetaMask, set up a custom RPC, and then bridge Fantom via

Here are some quick and easy steps to get you set up using Fantom (FTM) and MetaMask to access the Fantom Network.

TIP: You can download the Fantom wallet and use this to do things like stake Fantom. That is very cool, but actually using the network and securing your wallet means setting up MetaMask (ideally using a ledger or Trezor with it), buying Fantom, sending it to your ETH address, and then bridging to Fantom. As such, this guide will focus on MetaMask + Fantom.

Getting Started With Fantom

The short version of how to use the Fantom Network is this:

  1. Download the Metamask extension (keep your password and seed somewhere safe, this is how you access your wallet).
  2. Once in Metamask, click the network dropdown menu and change it from Ethereum to “Custom RPC.” Configure Metamask for Fantom by entering the following settings in the corresponding fields (TIP: you can edit these in settings -> networks at any time).
    Network Name: Fantom Opera New RPC URL: Chain ID: 250 Currency Symbol (optional): FTM Block Explorer URL (optional):
  3. Send FTM to your ETH/FTM address (your ETH address and FTM address are the same). Switch back to the Etehreum network in MetaMask to see your FTM so you know the transaction worked. Then use a bridge to bridge over your FTM from the Ethereum Network to the Fantom Network (it takes time and costs money). Remember, you can swap between networks in MetaMask at any time to see balances in each wallet. A simple solution for buying Fantom is Binance or Gemini. For a bridge, I recommend the official bridge found at (AnySwap). When you bridge, you need ETH on the Etehreum network for gas. Once you are on Fantom, you’ll need FTM to pay for gas.
  4. Swap, trade, DeFi, or whatever you want to do. For swaps and trades, I suggest For first-party DeFi, try

Simple as that. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below.

TIP: You can get some free FTM from SpookySwap’s faucet if you have already bridged another asset. You can also bridge from another network like Binance Smart Chain.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

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