Here is a short list of our top picks for places to trade Bitcoin and altcoins like Ripple and Ethereum.

What you need to get started trading cryptocurrency: To trade cryptocurrency you’ll need an exchange and a wallet. All the exchanges below double as online wallets aside from Changelly, however you may want to consider other wallet solutions including TREZOR (referral link).

Coinbase. The top US exchange for cryptocurrency. They have a very limited selection of alts, however they are a good starting point due to you being able to buy cryptocurrencies using a bank account. Sign up for Coinbase by clicking this Coinbase referral link and we both get $10 worth of Bitcoin when you spend $100.

Binance. Binance is probably the most popular global altcoin exchange due to their wide selection and low fees. You can not use dollars on Binance in most countries, instead you’ll use Bitcoin, Ethereum, or a stable coin like USDC to buy alts. If you sign up for Coinbase first you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDC on Coinbase, send it to Binance, and then buy alts on Binance. Please use our referral link to sign up.

KuCoin. KuCoin is a solid alternative to Binance. KuCoin doesn’t have the volume Binance does, but on the plus side it doesn’t require you to fill out a bunch of information to get started. Please use our referral link to sign up.

Changelly. Changelly offers a bit of what the above exchanges offers (you can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum using dollars, AND you can trade alts). However, Changelly requires you to already have cryptocurrency wallets for the coins you want to trade. If you don’t want to use the other exchanges and do want to use your own wallets, try Changelly. Please use our referral link to sign up.

Want to automate trading? Sign up for a free trial using our referral link. CryptoHopper makes using a trading bot easy for anyone via their online platform and user friendly interface.

Please secure your accounts. It is vital to secure your accounts using a strong password and a two-factor authentication app. You can even kick things up by using offline hardware wallets, storing your pins, passwords, and seeds in offline or protected accounts, and using unique emails for all your products. Make sure to take some time to learn about security before going to heavy into cryptocurrency.

Please use our site as a resource. Our site is all about trying to help you understand the basics of cryptocurrency. Take some time to browse our site and learn before jumping head long into crypto. You can always save this page and come back to it later. Thanks!

On the referral links and other choices for exchanges: Above we have provided some referral links. In some cases we both get a bonus for signing up via that link, in other cases only we do. We only provide referral links to products we suggest on our site, we never suggest products just because we have referral links for them. That said, this page specifically (not our site as a whole) is comprised of products and services that we both support and have referral links for. This allows us to monetize our site by sharing this page in particular. Please consider signing up by using our links if you are going to sign up anyway, the kickbacks help us keep the site running. Once you sign up, you too can offer people your referral links! To find out what other options you have when it comes to crypto trading check out a List of Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Beginners (when you go here, and when you start trading, you’ll realize that the above list is full of some of the highest quality choices in the crypto space). TIP: There are many products and services we didn’t include on this page that are worth learning about, for example Square, GBTC, Gemini, and Bittrex. Whatever choice you make, make sure to bookmark us for reference, and most of all enjoy trading, investing, developing, mining, or whatever you do in crypto! 🚀

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