FACT: Coinbase Pro is GDAX’s Replacement

Coinbase Pro is the New GDAX

Coinbase Pro is meant to replace GDAX. Both platforms are property of Coinbase and are meant as their exchange aimed at retail traders who want to trade via an exchange rather than a broker.[1]

In simple terms:

  • Coinbase.com is a broker who you can buy/sell crypto through with the click of a button and store your crypto with.
  • GDAX was the original “pro” trading platform for retail and intuitional investors who wanted to make their own trades with peers.
  • Coinbase Pro is GDAX’s replacement and is aimed at retail investors who wanted to make their own trades with peers. Institutional investors are getting / just got a suite of products aimed specifically at them.

For a while you will be able to use GDAX or Coinbase pro to trade, and your balances will show on both. However, at some point it looks like Coinbase will move over to Coinbase Pro only and phase out GDAX. The two platforms are essentially the same for all intents and purposes. Coinbase Pro really is just a slick redesign of GDAX.

So, Coinbase Pro essentially is the new GDAX.

See Coinbase’s Blog article: GDAX is now Coinbase Pro.

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Author: Thomas DeMichele

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