Bitcoin is the most commonly known cryptocurrency. It’s a decentralized digital currency that is secure and private and can be used in transactions worldwide. It carries with it a number of pros and cons and is currently rather volatile.

In this section we discuss everything Bitcoin including how it works, what it’s worth, how you can “mine Bitcoin”, and more.

Bitcoin Trading in Tight Range With Lowest Volatility in Months

Bitcoin has been trading in an increasingly tight range, squeezed in a large triangle/wedge, between key EMAs, with bands tightening, with EMAs converging, resisting $6k over and over, and trading around mining costs. Meanwhile volatility is lowest its been in 15 months.

What are Confirmations?

In cryptocurrency, confirmations are a measure of how many blocks have passed since a transaction was added to a coin’s blockchain.

There Was a Major Bug in Bitcoin’s Code, but Developers Fixed it

There was a vulnerability in Bitcoin’s code. Meanwhile, since Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash and some others are based on Bitcoin, they also had the bug. Luckily, the Bitcoin Cash developer who caught the code shared it, and Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and more have all fixed the issue. Other crypto teams who based their code on Bitcoin, like Doge and Verge, have come out to assure people that they never had the vulnerability.

The CNBC Fast Money Counter Indicator

Cryptocurrency traders have decided CNBC Fast Money’s Twitter calls work as a counter indicator. Meaning if the tweet is bullish, go short, and if the tweet is bearish, go long.

BTC is Trapped Under Some EMAs and Has Been Most of 2018

Bitcoin (BTC) has been trapped under a few important moving averages for most of the 2018 bear market. These Moving Averages have mostly been acting as resistance. To start a new bull trend and ward off more bear, we need to turn these resistances into supports.

GBTC and ETCG Premiums are Melting Off

The premiums on GBTC and ETCG just keep getting lower and lower as the crypto bear market drags on. If crypto recovers, finding the bottom of these could be epic.


Bitmex is a crypto derivatives exchange that uses high leverage and margin trading and is open to many non-U.S. citizens. They have been the highest volume exchange in the 2018 bear market.

Morgan Stanley To Offer Bitcoin Swap Trading

There is yet another x-financial institution working on Bitcoin product rumor from insider, yet again according to Bloomberg. Today’s rumor, Morgan Stanley is preparing to offer Bitcoin swap trading.