Bitcoin is the most commonly known cryptocurrency. It’s a decentralized digital currency that is secure and private and can be used in transactions worldwide. It carries with it a number of pros and cons and is currently rather volatile.

In this section we discuss everything Bitcoin including how it works, what it’s worth, how you can “mine Bitcoin”, and more.

Bull Market vs Bear Market

How to Tell the Difference Between a Bull Market and Bear Market… And How to Trade a Bull Market and Bear Market A bull market is when the price action is in an uptrend, a bear market is when the price action is in a downtrend. This is especially true when examined on a larger time . . . read more

Is Bitcoin Dead?

If there are Bitcoin transactions, then Bitcoin isn’t dead. Bitcoin has been declared dead often, but so far that has never been the case.

Bitcoin Halving Explained

In Bitcoin, halving is when block rewards for mining are cut in half. Halving happens at regular intervals based on the Bitcoin protocol.

Bitcoin SV Gains Ground

Bitcoin SV (a Bitcoin Cash fork) is regaining ground against Bitcoin Cash. This is a set up for a great outcome where SV shows strength, but not at the expense of Bitcoin Cash.

Preparing for the Worst in Crypto

It is conservative to plan for things getting worse in crypto before they get better. In my opinion, it is time to put aside the FUD and FOMO and draw up a game plan.