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Who is CryptoCurrency Facts?… Plus a Disclaimer is a free-to-use website that has been focused on teaching people the basics of cryptocurrency since 2015.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this website ( is intended to convey general information only. This website does not provide provide legal, investment, tax, etc advice. You should not treat any information on as a call to make any particular decision regarding cryptocurrency usage, legal matters, investments, taxes, cryptocurrency mining, exchange usage, wallet usage, etc. We strongly suggest seeking advice from your own financial, investment, tax, or legal adviser. Neither nor its parent companies accept responsibility for any loss, damage, or inconvenience caused as a result of reliance on information published on, or linked to, from

With the disclaimer covered, here is some more information about us:

Our team has been researching cryptocurrency since becoming interested in it around the time leading up to the 2013 “bubble.” Meanwhile, we have have been officially writing about cryptocurrency since 2015. Now in 2017 – 2018, we are still writing about crypto in these days of $1k, $10k, and sometimes beyond Bitcoins!

In general, although not everyone who works on the site in any capacity is a cryptocurrency user/investor/miner/developer etc, some of our authors and web developers are cryptocurrency users/investors/miners/developers etc.

Specifically, Tom, the head author, invests in and trades the major coins on major US-friendly exchanges, trades a wide range of altcoins on range of exchanges, is sometimes invested in GBTC and ETCG (and chipmakers like NVIDIA and AMD), has participated in ICOs (as a user, not a developer), has experience doing basic mining with a CPU/GPU (as a hobbyist), has studied the basics of technical analysis, talks crypto on social media, and more (for example reading through regulations and whitepapers, using white-hat trading bots, studying ASIC mining, and reading documents on coin creation and the fundamentals of blockchain). Meanwhile, other members of our team focus on the development end of crypto working on things like bots, smart contracts, and the source code behind cryptocurrencies.

This is to say, at least someone on our team has dabbled in and/or researched all the basic aspects of cryptocurrency over the past few years… but generally we are on the research, writing, and providing information end of things, not the specialized experts end. That is also to say, we are often invested in and using the products and technologies we discuss (the idea being to convey our experience, not to offer professional legal, tax, investing, etc advice or to shill our favorite coins).

More than just relaying direct experience (in a fun and friendly, but not professional sense), our site is focused on doing research, walking through products and processes, and then relaying those basics to mass audience in laymen’s terms.

We aren’t cryptocurrency experts, we aren’t investing experts, we aren’t legal experts, we aren’t tax experts, and we aren’t writing for cryptocurrency experts.

We are just users with a few years of experience in the cryptocurrency space, and a few more in the “research complex systems and write about them online space,” trying to share what we learned with anyone interested (but especially new users who might otherwise be lost or get bad advice).

So to sum this up, we are normal people who have insight into many different aspects of the cryptocurrency space trying to share what we have learned, however we aren’t professionals giving you professional tax, legal, medical, investing, etc advice.

So, have fun learning about crypto, but don’t go investing in a coin or using a product based purely on our insights like you might a paid and licensed professional (instead “do your own research”). This is a free online site, not your fiduciary or lawyer or accountant. So it would be a little weird if you took action based on something we write and then turned around and tried to hold us accountable for your own choices. Don’t do that, being the point.

All that said, enjoy reading and ping us with any questions.

TIP: See the legal jargon on the side of the page for the “you shouldn’t take what we say on this site as professional tax, investing, legal, etc advice.” We can help you understand how cryptocurrency works, but we aren’t here to make your investment choices for you. Really want to stress that.

Our team consists of:

Other research-based sites our team runs that breakdown complex systems include and

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