Ethereum Classic is an open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform with a native cryptocurrency token that trades under the symbol ETC.

Ethereum Classic is, as the name suggests, the original version of Ethereum from which the current Ethereum forked.

Both networks are focused on smart contracts and distributed computing at their core, being that they are essentially different versions of the same software.

It a bit like how Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash don’t exactly love each other because they split for ideological differences… but none-the-less both essentially use same software, despite having different tokens, different developers, and different valuations. Learn more about the Ethereum backstory.

With that said, Ethereum Classic is not endorsed by the Ethereum foundation.

Simple Ways to Buy Bitcoin

Three simple and easy ways to buy Bitcoin are Square’s Cash App, Coinbase, and GBTC on the stock market. Square and Coinbase get you actual Bitcoin, GBTC is a trust that holds Bitcoin.

ETCG Has a Large Premium on it

ETCG currently has a rather large premium. Right now ETCG is trading at $34.25 while ETC is valued at $7.50. In short, the trust is trading at over 4x its Native Asset Value.

Transaction Replay and Replay Protection With Hard Forks Explained

When a coin does a hard fork, two identical blockchains exist until changes to one of the chains is made. To avoid transaction replays (transactions made on one chain being broadcast on the other), at least one chain must implement replay protection (developers of one chain must change the format of transactions to make them unique).

ETCG Trading Below ETC Cost

A bit of milestone today, ETCG traded below the cost of ETC. For an asset that used to trade at over 2x of ETC’s value, that is a little mind blowing.