What is Cryzen?

Cryzen Explained

NOTE: Cryzen has shut down. I’m going to leave this page here for anyone who wants it, but this product is now depreciated. 🙂

Cryzen isn’t just a cryptocurrency trading bot, highly customizable web-based platform where you can easily automate any aspect of the trading process with the assistance of machine learning.

In short, Cryzen not only makes automated trading easier than ever (like absurdly easy), it also solves most if not all of the problems users face when it comes to automated trading (including that problem where you try to find all the right variables for your strategy by hand and spend hours backtesting).

Give me a minute to explain exactly what makes Cryzen awesome in detail, and then get ready for your head to go?

NOTE: Each feature I discuss below is live and working (I’ve personally tested them), however some of the features noted in this article currently require you to use a template, code, or copy and paste snippets of code (see the image below). Over the next few months, each feature noted will have a simple to use graphical interface that requires no coding (like the version you see above), until then some bits and pieces below related to the UI are “coming soon.”

Cryzen’s Code Studio

What Makes Cryzen Awesome

Here is what makes Cryzen awesome.

  • Cryzen is simple to use. Unlike other customizable trading platforms, there isn’t a steep learning curve. For non-coders, Cryzen is as easy as picking an out-of-the-box strategy or creating your owns strategy from a wide array of built-in indicators (like MACD) and functions (like stops). For coders, it is usually just a matter of jotting down a few lines of Python in Cryzen’s Code Studio to make Cryzen do pretty much anything.
  • Crzyen is flexible. You can work with Cryzen via drop-down menus, forms, and links… or you can switch to code view and work in Python. In both views, the options for what you can do are pretty much limited to your imagination.
  • Cryzen doesn’t require you to play guessing games when doing backtesting. Pick the parameters you want to use (ex. MACD, stops, etc), and Cryzen uses heat mapping and machine learning to find the most profitable variables for you. Anyone who has ever used a bot before knows that countless frustrating hours can be lost to backtesting, so the fact that Cryzen simplifies backtesting is a big deal!
  • Cryzen doesn’t have a limited set of indicators. Cryzen has 130+ pre-programmed indicators right now, but more indicators can easily be added with a bit of code by users.
  • Cryzen doesn’t have a limited number of functions (stops, trailing stops, and profit-taking) it can perform. If you can code it, Cryzen can do it.
  • Cryzen can detect patterns. Cryzen is built to be able to detect any pattern created by price and volume data. So it can work with candle types, trend lines, fib levels, etc. In short, you aren’t limited to indicators, it can handle any pattern analysis algorithm that looks at price and volume data.
  • Cryzen doesn’t make you depend on backend development, if you need it to do something now, it can do it via the UI or Code Studio. The Cryzen platform was built so all the code needed to execute the program is always displayed to the user and can be edited by anyone who knows Python or wants to take the time to read the guide.
  • Cryzen lets you deploy strategies with the click of a button. Once you find the strategy you want, hit “deploy,” fill out your API info, and live trading will begin.
  • Cryzen lets you share strategies with the click of a button. Cryzen lets you share your custom strategies with users by sharing a URL. Just click the “share” button.
  • Cryzen can handle any pair on any exchange that allows API trading.
  • Cryzen can analyze more than one indicator on more than one chart at once and figure out the best time to buy and sell on any pair using a variety of machine learning algorithms.
  • Cryzen can be used as a research tool. Even if you don’t want to automate your trading, you can still use cryzen to perfect your trading strategies.
  • Cryzen has a marketplace for strategies and signals. Cryzen isn’t the only bot that has this, but yeah, it has that too. Buy ready-made strategies to profit without the headaches, or sell your custom strategies on the marketplace.
  • Even if I didn’t mention it, Cryzen can mostly likely do it. Do you need some obscure feature, even if I didn’t mention it, Cryzen can do it.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

Thomas DeMichele has been working in the cryptocurrency information space since 2015 when CryptocurrencyFacts.com was created. He has contributed to MakerDAO, Alpha Bot (the number one crypto bot on Discord),...