Gemini Referral Code m778plwu7 ($15 + 25% Off)

Gemini Referral Program

Sign up for Gemini with referral code m778plwu7 and get $15 when you trade $100, plus up to 25% off trading fees.

To get the rewards, you must trade the qualifying amount within 30 days. You will then have access to the trading discount for 12 months. Keep reading for details.

How the Gemini Referral Program Works

The Gemini Referral Program allows you to earn significant rewards by inviting friends. When your referrals trade a specific amount, you both benefit.

  • Recruits: Earn $15 each when your referral trades $100.
  • Icons: Get 15% of your referral’s trading fees for a year when they trade $5,000.
  • Legends: Receive 25% of your referral’s trading fees for a year when they trade $50,000.

Important Details:

  • Referral Levels: Different rewards are available at each referral level, catering to users of all trading volumes.
  • Time Limits: You must complete your qualifying trades of $100 – $50,000 within the first month. The discount is locked in for 12 months. The $100 discount stacks with the trading discount, but the 15% and 25% don’t stack.
  • Gemini Specifics: This program applies to Gemini’s platform, offering a unique opportunity to grow your investments through referrals.

Make sure to use the referral code to take full advantage of these benefits. It’s an easy step to maximize your earnings on Gemini!

How to Sign up for Gemini and Apply the Discount

Creating a Gemini account involves setting a username and password and verifying your identity. Let’s walk through each step to get signed up and lock in the trading fee discounts.

Step 1: Creating Your Gemini Account

  • Start by visiting Gemini’s website (this link locks in the $15 + 25% discount).
  • Choose your Account Type and click on ‘Get Started.’ You’ll most likely choose an ‘individual account’, this tutorial will assume you did, although there are common steps.
  • Enter your Personal Information, including your name and a strong password, and then click ‘CREATE MY ACCOUNT’.
  • Complete Security Steps and set up Authy two-factor authentication.
  • Remember to use the referral code during this process to lock in your discounts.

Step 2: Funding Your Gemini Account

  • Link Your Bank Account: Click ‘CONTINUE’ to link your bank account or choose to do this later.
  • Complete Bank Verification: Select your bank, enter login information, and follow the prompts for security verification.
  • Choose an Account: If you have multiple accounts, select one for linking.
  • Identity Verification: For higher limits and withdrawal options, complete full identity verification by entering your home address and submitting a photo ID.

Note: Email confirmation is required after these steps. Check your inbox and click the confirmation link sent by Gemini.

Gemini Referral Program Terms

The Gemini Referral Program allows eligible users to refer friends and earn rewards in cryptocurrency based on the trading activity of their referrals within the first 30 days of signing up. The referral then stays active for 12 months. So, to lock in a 12-month discount, make sure to trade the necessary volume in your first month and reach the Icon or Legend level.

Referral Method:

  • Share your referral link via social media, email, or direct text invites.
  • Access your referral link in the Referral modal on Gemini’s mobile and web homepages or in the Rewards hub.


  • Available in specified countries including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Referral Payout Limit:

  • There is a $600 referral payout limit for the Recruit level referrals.

Types of Trades for Threshold:

  • All revenue-generating trades count towards the trading thresholds.

Referral Tracking and Payout Time:

  • Track through the Rewards Hub. Payouts for Recruit referrals are made 30 days after sign-up. Icon and Legend tier rewards start 30 days after sign-up, paid monthly.

Tier Details:

Here is the table with the tier information:

Referral Tier Trade Requirement (1st 30 Days) Referrer Reward Referee Reward
Recruit >= $100 $15 $15
Icon >= $10,000 < $100,000 15% trading fee revenue share 15% trading fee revenue share
Legend >= $100,000 25% trading fee revenue share 25% trading fee revenue share

Note: Trading fee revenue share for both Referrers and Referees lasts for 12 months, starting from the day the Referee signs up for a Gemini account​​.

Gemini FAQs

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that cover items from the Gemini Referral Rewards Program terms and support page that weren’t previously discussed:

  1. What happens if my referral signs up but doesn’t trade immediately?
    • The referral has 30 days from sign-up to meet the trade requirements for any of the referral tiers.
  2. Can I still earn rewards if my referral reaches the Icon or Legend tier after receiving the $15 reward?
    • Yes, if your referral exceeds $100 in eligible trades, they will earn the $15 crypto reward, plus any additional rewards from reaching higher tiers within 30 days of signing up.
  3. How many people can I refer to Gemini, and is there a limit to the rewards I can earn?
    • You can refer as many people as you like. However, there’s a $600 payout limit for the Recruit level referrals. For Icon and Legend tiers, there’s no specified limit.
  4. What if I’m an influencer and want to refer my audience to Gemini?
    • You can share your referral link with your audience on social media or other platforms. The rewards will be based on your referrals’ trading activity. If you’re a major influencer, you might be eligible for a specialized arrangement.
  5. How can I ensure that my referral is tracking towards a specific reward?
    • You can monitor the progress of your referrals in the Rewards Hub, where you’ll see which tier they’re currently eligible for based on their trading activity.
  6. What is the Rewards Hub on Gemini?
    • The Rewards Hub is a feature on Gemini where you can discover and manage rewards, see past rewards history, and engage with various offers.
  7. What types of rewards can I earn through the Gemini referral program?
    • Rewards are earned in cryptocurrency and may include a flat amount for Recruit level or a percentage of trading fees for Icon and Legend tiers.
  8. Are there any exclusions to what counts towards the trading thresholds?
    • Yes, crypto and fiat deposit and withdrawals are excluded from counting towards the trading thresholds. Only revenue-generating trades count.
  9. How does Gemini handle the taxation of referral rewards?
    • Rewards earned may be subject to taxes depending on your country of residence. It’s recommended to consult a tax professional for advice.

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