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Get the best discount at Binance is a Lightening Network custodial web wallet that allows you to receive and cash out Lightning Payments. Creating an account sets up a page that allows you to get tipped in Bitcoin via the lightening network by sharing a link.

The link looks like this (it is + plus your Twitter handle; so mine is for example).

Setting it up is as easy as going to the site and creating an account and logging in with Twitter.

Here are a few reasons why this is cool.

  1. It gives people a way to tip for simple things online like good Tweets in a valued currency (Bitcoin) using a low cost payment system (Lightening Network).
  2. It teaches people about the Lightening Network (to send and cash out tweets, you have to get familiar with the Lightening Network).
  3. It is a simple app that requires nothing more than a Twitter account to set up.

TIP: You can download an extension for Firefox and Chrome that adds a Tippin tip button to every Tweet. That way if the person has the account, you’ll be able to Tippin them. For more, see: Receive tips on Twitter using Lightning Network.

NOTE: You should not store money in your Tippin wallet. This product is in early beta. It is neat, it is useful, it is not a long term storage solution 🙂

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