KIN Solona Migration if You Have Your Private Keys

Here is a guide for migrating, sending, and selling your KIN if you have your KIN2 or KIN3 private key. For example, if you had your KIN on Atomic wallet or in a paper wallet for the Solona KIN4 migration.

This guide will be useful, as this process isn’t explained in the official KIN migration guide.

TIP: MyKinWallet is a KIN4 Solona-based wallet now. One simple way to sell your KIN is to send it to from your KIN wallet and sell it there. Other wallets may require you to hold a SOL balance to send your KIN to them.

TIP: This guide is for anyone who owned their KIN private keys directly and can thus import them into MyKinWallet. However, this guide is also specifically stuck in KIN on Atomic wallet. Atomic wallet is a non-custodial wallet; you own your private keys. That means your KIN was migrated if you had your KIN on Atomic wallet. The problem is Atomic wallet is having issues hosting migrated wallets, and thus its users are in limbo with KIN.

How to Sell Your KIN4 If You Had Your Private Keys

If you have your KIN private keys from KIN2 or KIN3, and therefore also have Solona KIN (KIN4) after the migration, you can transfer your KIN from MyKinWallet to to sell.

First, input your private keys into MyKinWallet (you can find them under settings in Atomic wallet, see this guide). You should see a Kin balance on KIN4 Solona. If you do, you are set and can continue. If not, you may have had KIN1 (the ERC20), and there is nothing you can do yet, or you may have your KIN on a ledger or Trust Wallet or something (and thus, you are following the wrong guide).

Now, if at this point you try to transfer to Trust Wallet or FTX, you’ll get this message, “The transaction failed because of an invalid account. Please check your account values.” That is because those wallets, for technical reasons, require you to accomplish a confusing set of steps that involve buying SOL, sending it to a wallet you want to send to, then sending your KIN where you actually wanted it to go from there (see here). To skip the confusing part, we will use, since their wallet doesn’t require this and we can sell our KIN there.

So instead, to send your KIN from MyKinWallet to sell, simply create a account and send your KIN from MyKinWallet to and then sell.

Yes, it is that easy. lol. Yeesh, I went through so many threads and support messages to figure that out (near zero help from the KIN Foundation… not surprisingly, given their history).

Now you may be thinking, “oof,, what even is that?” Luckily for you, is solid enough (I’ve used it, it works). offers accounts in most nations and doesn’t require KYC for small accounts, so this is great for anyone who, for example, had their KIN Stuck in Atomic wallet or generally has their private keys but is confused.

Of course, I’m also offering you a discount there (and yes, I get commission), but if I helped, I mean let’s scratch each other’s back and use my code, right?


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