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To claim Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) if you own your private keys, you’ll need to configure the official BSV wallet. To claim via a third party, follow their directions. There is a lot that could go wrong, so take a breath and don’t do anything without thinking it through.

Below we’ll walk you through how to claim Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) safely. UPDATE MAY 2019: If you owned your private keys, this guide will be helpful regardless of what point and time you use, it however, if you did not, most of the other options for claiming BSV are no longer relevant.

In short, the method for claiming your SV differs by where you kept your BCH before the snapshot.

If you had it on an exchange or third party wallet, you need to follow their directions. UPDATE MAY 2019: BSV was delisted from many exchanges, so even some that had credited it won’t moving forward, like Kraken.

With exchanges you’ll do nothing and it is a matter of waiting. UPDATE MAY 2019: If you haven’t been credited already, it is likely the exchange isn’t supporting BSV.

With third party wallets you must follow the directions on their official website very carefully.

If you had your BCH in a wallet where you owned your private keys, then it is a little more complicated.

First you need to download the official BSV wallet. You can choose another wallet that is BSV friendly where you control your private keys in theory, but at this point using anything other than the official wallet is dangerous (BEWARE FAKE SV WALLETS; people will lose all their BCH ABC and BSV rushing to find a wallet that can’t be found with a simple search, scammers do this every fork, if you were in control of your private keys use the official Github wallets below only to be safe).

The official Bitcoin SV wallet software can be found here (that is the Bitcoin SV Release 0.1.0). NOTE: To fully complete the process you may also need to download the ABC wallet. See the official Bitcoin ABC wallet software (Bitcoin ABC 0.18.2). Also, if needed, the official Bitcoin Unlimited wallet software can be found here:

NOTE: As time goes along there may be newer version of the above wallets, if it is on the official Github, you can download the newest version.

All that covered, if you want to confirm anything on SV, the Official Bitcoin SV website is You can also see an official list of third party wallets and exchanges that support SV.

Once you have your software ready (either you have done the research and have the link to click, or you have the file downloaded and everything installed), you can follow these directions on how to safely claim crypto forks carefully.

With that in mind, if you are dealing with your private keys and had to search for “how do I claim my Bitcoin SV,” and especially if you aren’t in a rush to sell/trade, then I suggest doing nothing until the dust settles (because what you need to do to be extra safe is a little high level right now).

Not only can you run into issues by not knowing what you are doing (not a big problem if you methodically follow best practices for claiming forks), but you can run into issues even if you know how to claim a fork due to other necessary steps like like not protecting yourself against replay protection (Neither chain implemented replay protection at first, that meant sending BCH and BSV carried an extra risk… and since part of best practices of claiming a fork involves moving funds, a chain not having replay protection adds in another complication NOTE: See the update below for more details).

Long story short, if you don’t know what you are doing to any extent, and you didn’t have your BCH on an exchange or in a third party wallet you trust, for now the best bet for you might just be to do nothing.

For those who want to brave it, it is a matter of 1. downloading the ABC and BSV wallets, waiting for the blockchain to load, and then importing your existing Bitcoin Cash private keys (this is the same general solution for every fork), and 2. in this fork specifically, taking measures to protect your funds, including protecting yourself against replays and moving your existing BCH before you import your private keys.

I’ll update this page as things get a little more user friendly 🙂

UPDATE ON REPLAY PROTECTION: Bitcoin SV stated that they were implementing replay protection sometime after this article was written. However, they then said that Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) still hasn’t implement replay protection. For me things are still a little fuzzy on what exactly is going on. I think the bottom line here is that if you are going to claim the fork, do a quick read up on the state of replay protection with both BCH (ABC) and BSV. With that in mind, BSV has covered “coin splitting” on their site, and that is a good place to start your research. When a chain adds replay protection, they take care of the coin splitting process for users, however, users can manually use coin splitting tools to do this themselves. That said, the BSV site, like our site, still recommends “waiting.” So bottom line, 1. you can technically claim your SV now, but 2. general wisdom still says “wait.”

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Gunther on

Hi, Can you help me regarding an issue I have with bitcoinsv dot network [edited] They kept my coins on their wallet…and did not ever let me withdraw my BTC abc and SV after I used their wallet to split my BCH.

NOW…they are gone! Their website does not work anymore, and they took my coins!

They looked 100 percent official while they existed.

Any suggestions, or am I just plainly out of luck and my coins are gone forever…stolen by these vipers?

Thank you so much for any advice and assistance you may be able to provide.

Mr G. [edited]

Thomas DeMichele on

Above I give the warning about malware and fake wallets… unfortunately this is exactly what I’m talking about.

There is no official SV wallet aside from the software on the Github.

Otherwise we are talking third party wallets and exchanges.

In general if you put your coins in a malicious wallet, they are gone.

In general it is best practices to approach new coins very carefully. Make sure you have the official site and Github, double and triple check, google the link, and then follow best practices in terms of moving your existing balances before you import your keys.

This fork was one of the more complicated ones, because of the showdown between ABC and SV and the lack of replay protection, so you certainly aren’t alone in making a mistake. If that makes you feel better.

Elfrida Abor on

Please is there a way to recover my BCH? Actually my BCH was in my coinomi wallet during the BCH Fork. I tried to send BSV to the BSV Wallet within my coinomi wallet and I discovered that all my BCH was also send to the same wallet(replayed). Please what do I do?

Elfrida Abor on

While sending BSV to the BSV Wallet within my coinomi wallet, I discovered same amount of BCH was sent to the same address. Is there a way to recover my BCH. I only discovered about spliting after I had initiated the above transaction

Thomas DeMichele on

I have to research this. I am pretty sure funds have been lost once this happens… however, there might be a way for Coinomi to help. Have you tried opening a ticket with them?

Pete Fairclough on

I have not claimed my Btc-sv yet – scared of losing it as I am not very computer literate. Am I done for or can I still claim it now?

Thomas DeMichele on

In theory you should be able to claim it at any point, because you aren’t claiming it as much as accessing it. You already have it if you have owned the private keys since before the fork, you just haven’t touched it yet. 😉

G on

Hi, I hope you can help?

I had pre fork BCH in an Electron Cash wallet, I recently (post fork) sent the BCH to Kraken Exchange as I was under the impression they would be split upon receipt. This did not happen, they simply credited my account with the BCH.

I still have to Electron Cash wallet with the keys and transaction records, is there a way for me to claim the BSV that I never received?

Thanks in advance,

Thomas DeMichele on

So logically if you followed the steps Kraken laid out for claiming BSV within the timeframe Kraken was allowing it (, then they should have credited you for the BSV. However, if this was after April 22nd then this is not the case (

Meanwhile, if you owned your private keys and never claimed BSV, there is a chance you can still claim BSV even if you sent your BCH to Kraken. Basically, from what I would understand logically, it would depend on if you sent after replay protection was implemented.

So actually a really simple thing to do is move all funds out of that old BSV wallet associated with your private keys for the wallet you had BCH in for the BSV fork, and then go through the steps of claiming BSV (download a BSV wallet, and import your private keys; make sure to let the blockchain download first if needed or you won’t necessarily see your balance).

If that doesn’t work, you can try opening a support ticket with kraken.

Terence Beech on

June 2019
i have just emptied a btc wallet then emptied the fork coins bitcoin cash, diamond , gold etc using mobile wallets to sweep private key but the bitcoin sv is empty now. is there a way to get it and learn from this to not do it with the others ?

Thomas DeMichele on

Hmm. Ok, so this is good to bring up. If you are claiming your coins after a fork, and the fork didn’t have replay protection, then moving your coins on the original chain before you claim the fork could in theory cause the transaction to be replayed on the forked chain (i.e. you could lose your forked coins; although it could also be that your forked coins would simply move to the new address and then you would basically use that new address to “claim” the coins).

With that said, SV does have replay protection, so that shouldn’t have happened.

So maybe something else that could happen is that SV is a Bitcoin Cash Fork, not a direct Bitcoin Fork, so you actually need to export your keys from your BCH wallet to “claim” your BSV. In fact, this seems more likely given everything.

I’m not an expert on this topic, I just know enough from a user standpoint to know how forks work and how to claim them, so perhaps I am missing some detail… but my guess is that you have to export the BCH keys (which means you should for safety move your BCH first).

Lee on

Hi Thomas.

I held BCH on a Nano S at the fork date, and have since sold them. I’m learning if the sv fork only now.

Can I claim sv if I no longer hold bch, but did hold bch on the key date?

Appreciate your help. Many thanks.


Thomas DeMichele on

Almost certainly the answer is yes (in theory at least; let me explain).

If you owned BCH on the fork date in a wallet where you control you private keys, then you own the private keys needed to access your BSV no matter what happened afterwords… essentially.

With that said, why I say essentially, is that if you moved your BCH after BSV launched but before replay protection was implemented, there is a slim chance that you could have compromised your BCH. The window this would have been even a theoretical problem in was slim, so chances are you are good.

Ok though, with that said, you Ledger Nano doesn’t give you direct access to your private keys. So things get a little less clear here.

Still, from what I’m seeing, should be able to follow the steps on Ledger’s site to retrieve your BSV regardless of whether you still have BCH or not, as the steps don’t necessarily say otherwise

Ok, all that said, I can’t confirm this and you’ll need to take it from here. Although, see my note below 🙂

NOTE: Again, Ledger Nano doesn’t let you get your private keys directly. You need to own your private keys directly for most methods of retrieving BSV. So you have to follow their method. The method doesn’t seem to require that you still have the BCH, although it may be the case that the way Ledger works has led to you losing your BSV when you sent your BCH. I would love if you let me know after you tried so I can update this page properly. Thanks in advance and hope this helped.

Sanjeev Chowdhury on


I had some Btc in a paper wallet since 2014. I swept the paper wallet and sent the Btc to my Trezor wallet. The Trezor Btc address does not appear to contain any Bch. What happened to the Bch and can I recover the Bch (and Btg)?

Thomas DeMichele on

If you had your Bitcoin on Trezor when the fork occurred, you would generally follow these steps.

Just FYI, BCH, BSV, BTG, and any other fork will follow a slightly different process. So make sure to check for each one.

Robin on

Thanks for the quick reply Thomas,

I have my BCH claimed from the BTC Fork in 2017, I am trying to claim my BCH SV from the BCH fork.

Thomas DeMichele on

Here is information from Trezor support on that

I think with this method you need to have your BCH still on your Trezor and needed it on your Trezor at the time. But assuming that is all true, this should work.

Robin on

I own BCH and its stored in my trezor, I have not done anything with my BCH for the past two years. Will I be able to claim my BTC SV through my Trezor.

Appreciate your feedback.