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Will the ETH Merge Result in a Fork?

If the ETH Merge does result in a fork, the way to ensure you qualify for any additional tradable assets is to hold ETH. Ideally, you’ll want to hold it as spot on the ETH main-net (meaning just hold ETH on the Ethereum network, not in a pool, not lent, not wrapped on an L2, not on an exchange, etc).

Will There be a Luna Fork?

Between May 10th – 12th, the price of Luna collapsed as UST destabilized. Since the collapse, the idea of a Luna fork to create Luna2 has been floated.

Super Bowl Crypto Referral Links

Here is a list of referral links for the crypto companies that showed commercials at the Super Bowl including Binance, FTX, Coinbase, and

Whales Capitulate as Crypto Rallies

According to one metric, CDD (Coin Days Destroyed), which tracks coins that have been dormant, we just saw one of the biggest capitulation events ever. Right before Bitcoin rallied.