Binance Will Delist Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV)

Binance will delist Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV). BSV is a fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) that came about due to an argument between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) camps.

BSV will be delisted on 2019/04/22 at 10:00 AM UTC. Withdrawals will be supported until 2019/07/22 at 10:00 AM UTC.

The reason for delisting is a little complex, but the gist is the BSV camp was going around threatening legal action against Twitter personalities (including Hodlonaut and Peter McCormack) for making fun of them, and demanding that they declare Craig Wright as the real Satoshi or get sued.

CZ, the CEO of Binance, didn’t like what was happening and threatened to delist BSV if their leaders kept it up. They kept it up, and Binance announced it would delist BSV.

Or at least, that is the gist of what happened. Technically there is a bit more going on, as Binance gets to choose which coins it lists and has a set of standards. One standard is “Contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem” for example. In suing and threatening normal people with legal action, the leaders of BSV we can assume violated that standard and are thus being delisted.

For the official word, see: Binance Will Delist BCHSV. Below is a snippet of the key information to know.

Based on our most recent reviews, we have decided to delist and cease trading on all trading pairs for the following coin on 2019/04/22 at 10:00 AM UTC:

Please note:

  • All trade orders will be automatically removed after trading ceases in each respective trading pair.

  • To view your assets after trading ceases, please ensure you have not selected “Hide small assets” in your Funds page.

  • Withdrawals of these coins and tokens from Binance will continue to be supported until 2019/07/22 at 10:00 AM UTC.

TIP: BSV trades under the ticker BCHSV on Binance.

NOTE: Hodlonaut started the lightening network torch (that everyone from Charlie Lee to Jack Dorsey held). He was ultimately just a normal person though. So when the BSV camp went after him he shut down his account and basically went into hiding. Peter McCormack, a popular Twitter personality in crypto, then stepped up to his defense and became the next target. The best way to get the backstory is now through Peter McCormack’s twitter feed. Also, if you see that half of Crypto Twitter changed their images and names to Hodlonaut, this is why.

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