Cryptocurrency mining, it is more like running software that cracks codes and plays digital accountant than hitting rocks. Still takes work though.

How Do Bitcoin Transaction Fees Work

When a user creates a Bitcoin transaction, they have to include a transaction fee to be paid to miners to incentivize miners to add their transaction to the blockchain.

Bitcoin Halving Explained

In Bitcoin, halving is when block rewards for mining are cut in half. Halving happens at regular intervals based on the Bitcoin protocol.

What are Confirmations?

In cryptocurrency, confirmations are a measure of how many blocks have passed since a transaction was added to a coin’s blockchain.

What is the Cost of Mining a Bitcoin?

The cost of mining a Bitcoin changes over time and depends on the amount of computing power dedicated to mining and the cost of running those computers (mostly electricity and hardware costs). Thus, the average cost of mining a Bitcoin can and will change over time and changes differing depending on region.

The Basics of Masternodes

One way to increase your cryptocurrency stack and to help ensure a coin’s network is by running a masternode. A masternode is a full node that requires collateral and essentially returns interest. We explain the basics of masternodes.