This section focuses on taxes, rules, and regulations regarding cryptocurrency.

SEC Announces Bitcoin and Ether Aren’t Securities

The SEC’s Bill Hinman officially announced that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities. That hints that Ripple and other top coins like TRON and NEO may not be securities either. However, Hinman noted that many ICOs are securities.

The SEC and Cryptocurrency

We take a look at how the SEC views cryptocurrency, including them potentially viewing ICOs as securities. Below is my interpretation of statements made by the SEC and actions taken by the SEC pertaining to cryptocurrency. Explained is cryptocurrency tax software that helps you keep track of your profits and losses for your own records and for tax reporting. We explain and review

Coinbase Launches New Tax Tools

Good news, if you used only Coinbase to buy and sell crypto, your tax filing just got a lot easier. Coinbase has launched new tax tools including a tax calculator.