Crypto search interest and so are prices. Google search interest has been a reliable indicator of crypto sentiment, typically an increase in search interest correlates with an increase in price.

First and foremost we see a correlation with Bitcoin search interest and Bitcoin prices, but generally we can see a correlation with Bitcoin search interest and crypto prices and cryptocurrency search interest and Bitcoin and crypto prices.

Said plainly, when more people are searching about crypto, prices tend to go up. This is also a feedback loop though, because more people tend to search about crypto when prices are going up.

To learn more about the correlation, see our page on this historic trend titled, “Search Volume for Crypto Terms has Been Correlating With the Price” or do a search on our site for “Google Trends.”

Below are some more images to help illustrate historic correlations of search trends and price. One thing to note in the chart below is that it is a bad sign when search interest is down but the price is up, it is a hint that it isn’t new money coming in, but instead are existing players enjoying a short term move.

How Bitcoin’s price and crypto search volume are correlating.

Bitcoin Daily MACD showing the start of a bear trend.

The search volume doesn’t reflect the price trends since April. The price action thus is likely not explained by new retail adoption.

Bitcoin price and search interest correlation since 2010.

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