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ETCG is currently trading at or near a negative premium. This is far from the norm for Grayscale products.

See the ETCG premium here:

While we can all agree Ethereum Classic isn’t in as high demand as other cryptos, we can also clearly see that Grayscale products tend to trade at a premium. However, ETC ran this weekend and ETCG only did a half-hearted catch-up run. ETCG seems to want to trade at NAV, but it also seems to be struggling to do it. It is unclear right now if the market should be looking to trade ETC/USD down to ETCG prices, or vice versa. Or perhaps, ETCG is just a great buy right now and ETC is going to melt faces (and ETCG even more so if it gets a premium back; see my theory on this).

I’m not sure, it is unclear to me, but I do think I would rather get a discount to buy ETCG Ethereum Classic than pay $2.5k to buy LTCN’s Litecoin. Like Litecoin maybe is a little better of a project, but I dunno, I just like discounts more than 10x premiums as a retail trader and not an arb whale.

See the LTCN premium here:


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