Kraken Won’t Answer New York AG’s Crypto Inquiry

Jesse Powell, co-founder and CEO of Kraken, has stated that Kraken won’t comply with the New York AG’s inquiry into crypto exchanges. To be fair, Kraken doesn’t operate in New York. Thus, logically speaking, Kraken can reasonably choose not to comply.[1]

On that note, the reason they don’t operate in New York is due to a somewhat similar incident back in 2014 when the whole “BitLicenses” drama began (in both cases Kraken made a conscious choice to avoid what they consider to be questionable stances).

Instead of me trying to second hand summarazie and explain the state of things, I suggest reading Jesse’s tweet yourself (you can also see the article below for the article he tweeted):

Article Citations
  1. Kraken CEO: Crypto Exchange Won’t Answer New York AG’s Inquiry.

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