Morgan Stanley To Offer Bitcoin Swap Trading

Another Giant Enters the Crypto Ring, According to Bloomberg

There is yet another x-financial institution working on Bitcoin product rumor from insider, yet again according to Bloomberg. Today’s rumor, Morgan Stanley is preparing to offer Bitcoin swap trading.[1]

NOTE: Swap trading means long / short derivatives products, something like what Bitmex offers.

We now have just about every major financial institution on earth working on a crypto and/or blockchain products… according to Bloomberg (who apparently have moles inside every major financial institution). We also have a rumor of Ethereum futures coming up. We also have those two new stable coins, new Coinbase products, and the-holy-grail-that-people-haven’t-fully-grasped-yet Bakkt.

We have… so much…

… 1. so much rumors from insiders, and 2. so much for sure products.

Only problem with all that is that a few unclear words, like the rumor from the other day about Goldman Sachs cancelling its trading desk (that ended up being fake news), can easily thwart any upcoming rally.

There are a ton of reasons to be excited, but the many reasons leave the crypto markets with a bit of an exposed Achilles heel.

Anyway, clearly the big players are upping their crypto game. This is a good sign the next wave will come. When exactly it is going to come, and how much pain will be felt in the interim, well that is anyways guess.

In sum, rumor has it Morgan Stanley is preparing to offer Bitcoin swap trading, according to Bloomberg, adding to the long list of giants reportedly entering the crypto space, according to Bloomberg.

Article Citations
  1. Morgan Stanley Plans to Offer Bitcoin Swap Trading for Clients.

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