Unikrn Launches Global Betting Platform With Focus on esports

Unikrn has launched a global betting platform for fiat and crypto with a focus on esports. The platform uses its native token UnikoinGold (UKG) and more.[1]

In simple terms:

  1. Unikrn is a Seattle based project with ties to Bittrex. Its ICO launched last year. The token created was UnikoinGold (UKG).
  2. Prior to UnikoinGold there was an on platform non-crypto token used for esports betting called Unikoin (now called UnikoinSilver).
  3. Unikrn has now been granted an Isle of Man license with regulatory approval for both crypto & real money betting that will span across 3 continents. The Isle of Man license gives them access to a segment of the global games market that exceeds $30 billion.
  4. This makes Unikrn the world’s first regulated operator to offer live esports betting for both fiat and crypto.
  5. Generally speaking esports betting is limited in the United States, but from what I understand there will be betting in some states on skill based games like LOL, DOTA, and Fortnite.
  6. Beyond esports betting for things like UFC is also enabled (so the focus is on esports, but generally the sky is the limit).
  7. The current platform uses UKG, a Unikrn product called Jet, and Bittrex-backed tech for betting. It can handle 9000 bets per second and all bets are recorded on the blockchain (i.e. betting is transparent and set in stone).

All that said, in the US gambling is generally regulated and thus people should read up on regulations before jumping into the Unikrn platform, that said, UKG has been beaten down in terms of price like crazy over the past 12 months… so while this big news has caused a little bit of a run, those interested in the esports space might want to keep an eye on UKG.

NOTE: The official launch was Oct 23rd. The platform was ready to go, Unikrn was simply waiting on the license.

Article Citations
  1. Unikrn has seen big launches, but today is our biggest launch since 2014. Medium.com.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

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