ANON Wallet is Live

Everything You Need to Know About Claiming ANON

The BTC/ZCL fork ANON is live and the wallet is too. To claim your ANON if you had your BTC and/or ZCL private keys, you need an ANON wallet. Here is the link to the official ANON wallet on GitHub.

The link to this wallet is found on the official ANON site at the bottom of the home page.

Using Best Practices to Claim Your ANON

Please follow the directions below to safely claim your ANON if you were in control of your private keys.

  1. Download the latest version of the official ANON wallet from the anonymousbitcoin GitHub (TIP: grab the exe. for PC and the .dmg for mac).
  2. Move your funds out of the ZCL and BTC wallet addresses you had your ZCL and BTC on. So, for example, you would create a new ZCL address and send your ZCL to that address for ZCL. The goal here is to have a zero, or near zero balance on the address you had coins on before the fork so you can safely claim your ANON with the corresponding private key.
  3. Import your private key from your old (and now empty) ZCL and BTC wallets to your ANON wallet. That generally means copying your private key in your old wallet and then in the ANON wallet going to Wallet > Import Private key and putting the private key in.

Doing that should result in you have balances of ANON in 1:1 and 1:2 ratios to your BTC and ZCL.

Simple as that really.

I haven’t had a chance to do these steps, because I just saw the wallet was live (they had test builds on their GitHub prior to this; the latest release was apparently stable enough to tout on their official site, so this is a go for me). I will update this as needed after I claim mine.

NOTE: If you had your ZCL or BTC on an exchange, see details for claiming here.

TIP: Only the official wallet should be trusted, and even then you should be cautious and remove your balances before claiming ANON.

TIP: Sometimes it is smart to do nothing if you don’t plan to trade your coins. Technically you own ANON as long as you own your ZCL and BTC private keys. There is no time limit on claiming ANON in theory. The wallet software is brand new, so some may want to wait a bit for kinks to get worked out. Those who rush to claim their ANON do so at their own risk (same for any fork really).

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