Coinbase rolled out new product in Coinbase, Coinbase Bundle lets you buy all coinbase cryptos at once. The bundle is weighted by the total market value of each asset.

That means you get a spread like this:

Spend: $500

Get: Bitcoin 75.65% (get 75.65% of that $500 spend, minus about $7.50 in fees, in Bitcoin), Ethereum 15.91%, Bitcoin Cash 5.40%, Litecoin 2.27%, Ethereum Classic 0.78%.

This is a pretty cool concept for the casual buyer who wants exposure to crypto, but doesn’t want to make a bunch of little transactions.

With that said, would love to see a few different options like an alt heavy bundle, an ETH+ETC bundle, a BTC+BCH bundle, the LTC special, something customizable, etc. Personally I might want something like 60% BTC, 20% ETH, and the split even between the rest for example.

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What do you think?

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