Changelly is a token swap service that doesn’t act as an online wallet, but does act as a crypto exchange. To use Changelly you need wallets to store the coins you want to swap.

Changelly is a great solution if you for example like keeping your coins in wallets and don’t want to use traditional exchanges, or if you want to grab a coin that doesn’t trade on an exchange that you normally use.

Feel free to use our referral link to sign up. Changelly accounts are free to set up.

TIP: When you do a swap with Changelly you need to define the address you want to send coins to (the address of the coin you are swapping into), then you’ll need to send coins to a Changelly address so they can make the swap for you.

KYC: Changelly does require you to create an account, but does not require you to fill out Know Your Customer (KYC) forms by default. However, large or odd transactions can get flagged and require you to fill out KYC forms. It has never happened to me, but it is in the fine print. If you fail to comply, they simply cancel your transaction. So if you know you won’t comply, but you don’t want to risk your funds being locked up while you refuse to comply, consider other options. Otherwise, Changelly is great.

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Good exchange, good review! BTW, we on exchange aggregator are happy to work with Changelly since our very beginning and can assure everyone it’s good and legit. It would be nice if we could get listed next to it on your resource!