Poloniex an exchange owned by Circle, a company who also launched the stable coin USDC, is a popular crypto-to-crypto exchange.

Poloniex doesn’t operate in every state, but in the states it does operate in it is a valid choice for crypto-to-crypto trading.

They stand out in that they have a reputable parent company, are a long standing exchange, and are closely related with the popular US regulated stable coin USDC.

They also began standing out from the pack in Nov 2018 when they announced pre-trading on the Bitcoin Cash fork Bitcoin SV.

Traders in New York, Washington State, and a few others will have to look elsewhere, but generally speaking Poloniex is a solid choice for a crypto-to-crypto exchange that pairs well with Coinbase (where you can convert dollars to USDC).

"Poloniex" contains information about the following Cryptocurrencies:

Stable Coins

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