Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be “forked.” In simple terms, this either creates two versions of a coin or updates one version.

Sometimes new coins are created this way.

In other cases coins can be “airdropped” to people who hold existing coins for a myriad of reasons.

This section includes information on cryptocurrency forks and airdrops.

The Sia Fork Explained

Sia (SC) is forking  on October 31st, 2018. This fork is a little complicated because it arose out of an argument between users, miners, devs, etc.

Ethereum Classic Difficulty Bomb Fork (May 2018)

Ethereum Classic is doing a fork in May to remove a difficulty bomb that would essentially stop new ETC from being created down the road. No new coins are created from this fork, it is just a software update. The fork will occur at block 5,900,000.

Bitcoin Cash Fork Bitcoin ABC Coming May 15

Bitcoin Cash doing a hard fork on May 15th called Bitcoin ABC. Bitcoin ABC upgrades Bitcoin Cash to allow for an immediate block size increase and an adjustable blocksize cap.