GDAX announced a partnership with Trading Technologies (TT), a professional trading software company. Starting in March TT customers will be able to use the TT platform to trade on GDAX.[1][2][3]

This platform, a global leader in the space and a platform favored by institutional investors, offers a way for traders to trade GDAX assets alongside a range of other assets. This will allow institutional investors to do things like trade on GDAX and trade Bitcoin futures at the same time (i.e. “The addition of the TT tools will make it easier for traders to engage in spot market and futures trades at the same time.”)

In short, TT expands into crypto as Coinbase/GDAX expands into TT.

The result is that this likely to bring more large investors and thus more money into the cryptocurrency space. Check out the citations for different perspectives on what this could all mean.

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  3. Coinbase Expands Trading Options for Large Investors.

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