Understanding the Value of the BTT Airdrop, Presale, and Listing Price

Understanding the Value of BTT in Respect to its Launch

The first of many BTT airdrops for TRX holders is a great deal if you would hold TRX anyway. At current values you get about $1 of BTT for every $500 of TRX at current prices. However, the current price of BTT is much higher than the presale price.

NOTE 1: I had the price wrong at first… I added a zero and said $10, it was $1. Sorry, bad math.

NOTE: The “current value” noted above was the value when this article was written. Those numbers were used as an example. The price of BTT has fluctuated considerably since BTT launched (for example BTT per TRX fluctuated between being worth about $0.80 and $2.50 for every $500 of TRX in the past week). Please be cautious of volatility with new coins!

NOTE: BTT went up in value considerably after launching, so people did end up with the high end of the estimate.

This whole thing is really important to understand if you are in TRX, BTT, or wish to be in either. So pay attention while I tell you everything you need to know (aside from the part about what TRX and BTT actually do, you need to do your own research on that).

First off, you need to know about the airdrops. The first airdrop (of about 60 total) gives you 0.11 BTT for every TRX you have. That is a very small amount of BTT. It is free, that is very cool, your price is ZERO which is good, but it is a small amount.

Next, you need to know about the presale. During the token sale, BTT tokens were sold at an exchange rate of 1 BTT = 0.00001824 BNB (using a BNB price of $6.58 USD) and 1 BTT = 0.00447261 TRX (using a TRX price of $0.02683 USD). See the official token sale stats at Binance.

In plain english, they were sold for roughly $0.00011 cent a few days ago.

Now you need to understand that the current price is about 0.00007929 BNB… AKA a little over 4x higher at about $0.00048 cents (price subject to change; obviously).

Given the spread between the presale price and current in-the-moment market price, one has to consider the risks (the risk being you have “whales” out there who just bought BTT for 1/4th the price a few days ago who can afford to drop the price and still profit).

Now all that said, there is a whole other consideration that really tips things in the favor of TRX HODLers, that is the years long airdrop schedule.

See, you get 0.11 BTT for each TRX you have if you hold TRX on the Feb 11 snapshot, but then you get an airdrop every month until 2025 after that. While it has been confirmed that not every airdrop will be as big as the first, there is still value in the fact that you get free BTT every month as a TRX holder.

For more information, please learn about the BTT airdrop and BTT presale.

Bottomline: There are some cool things going on with BTT, and there are some risks. Free BTT for TRX held anyway is cool, but chasing that free $1-ish for every $500 spent has real risk… remember though, over time that $1 a month adds up, so if you would HODL anyway, again, that is cool.

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