The Amazon bubble from the dot com bubble has thus far formed very similar price action to the BTC 2016 – 2019 bubble.

I first noticed this years back as the bubble was forming and had been watching it. However I was reminded of just how striking the similarities were in a tweet by @CryptoCharles_

Of course this doesn’t mean Bitcoin has to follow the same path. However, let’s remember, after an initial recovery after the big bubble (in which Amazon dropped to $5) Amazon made its way from a low of $30 all the way up to over $2,000 in 2018 and 2019.

If anything like that did happen with Bitcoin, that means the future could eventually be pretty bright.

For now though, the comparison is a little more than a bit of a fun and a reminder that price action doesn’t have to take us straight back to $20k to be on the right path.

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