CoinDesk’s Consensus Record Turnout and What You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Coin Desk’s Consensus Conference, Including a Full List of Coins Being Represented

A three day annual crypto event, CoinDesk’s “Consensus” Conference, kicked off today with a record turn out. Here is what you need to know (including a list of coins being represented at consensus).

First off, interestingly, the headcount is roughly mirroring the price of Bitcoin. Last May the conference had about 2,700 attendees, this year it has about 8,500 (someone tell them to sell 50,000 tickets next year).

According to attendees it is a little chaotic and expensive, but like… crypto though.

Also interesting is that the cost is roughly $2,000 a ticket ($3,000 last minute), meaning the conference is bringing in at least $17 million in ticket sales alone for 2018.

With that in mind, CryptoCurrencyFacts is now considering a CCF “Consensus” Conference because… damn dude, that is a lot of money. That said, we are plebs who run a crypto site, and they are the crypto giants the Digital Currency Group whose projects include not only Coindesk, but Greyscale (the fund who manages the only Bitcoin stock; i.e., oh man these guys are serious players).

Joking and human interest stories aside, although we can’t all be the Digital Currency Group, we can all put a little money on black and take some moonshots on the top coins from Consensus.

FACT: Consensus gets its name from the fact that changes to Bitcoin’s Blockchain require a form of democratic consensus between its users. This helps explain why so few changes are made (half-joking). It really actually does explain the Bitcoin Cash hard fork though.

A List of Cryptos Being Represented at Consensus

According to “the internet,” and citing often great Guru of crypto TA AlanMasters and others, Altcoins that will be getting the most exposure at the Consensus 2018 are the following (based on the time they will speak at the Consensus):

Monday, May 14 • Ark (ARK) • Decentraland (MANA) • Bancor (BNT) • Agrello (DLT) • Stellar (XLM) • TheKey (TKY) • Civic (CVC) • Litecoin (LTC) • AION (AION) • Qtum (QTUM) • Pundi X (NPXS) • Zcash (ZEC) Tuesday, May 15 • Salt Lending (SALT) • Polymath (POLY) • BLOX (CDT) • VeChain (VEN) • MedicalChain (MTN) • Zcoin (XZC) Wednesday, May 16 • SONM (SONM) • Etherum (ETH) • DATAcoin Streamr (DATA) • Emercoin (EMC) • Waves (WAVES) (WCT) • Steem (STEEM) • Enigma (ENG)

With that list noted, this list (wherever it originated) is a little cherry picked. The reality is there are other coins being represented that are, let us say, just as relevant as TKY that aren’t listed. In fact, someone tells me that someone bought those coins and then made this list.

I’d urge you to DYOR and check out the official magazine that lists all the altcoins being represented. <— this is a full list of all coins and projects being represented at Consensus.

TIP: According to generally-right-with-his-predictions Fundstrat Tommy Lee, crypto tends to rally after Consensus (this can be seen in historic data). Generally when people expect something in crypto the opposite happens. Thing is, everyone knows that, so there is a sentiment that since crypto is supposed to rally after consensus, therefore it won’t, but since that is true, maybe it will. Hmmm. Deep. Anyway, whatever happens short term, the crypto community is clearly growing each year and excitement is ramping up. In other words, the Consensus is good.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

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