Ethereum Classic is on Coinbase and Trading Starts Soon

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is now on Coinbase. As of August 7th deposits are allowed, then soon trading will start. One can expect some initial turbulence, so make sure to keep a close eye on the price.[1]

Here is what I’ll say:

  • Historically Ethereum Classic has preformed well for an altcoin.
  • One could argue that ETC is a cheaper Ethereum with a few differences (which stem from when Ethereum and Ethereum Classic forked).
  • Of course, coins that have an exciting event like “Coinbase Launch” are subject to getting a little ahead of themselves in terms of price.

In simple terms, Ethereum Classic is a solid platform and coin and that is why it is getting listed on Coinbase. However, in terms of getting the best price, one typically is advised not to rush into things (especially given the overarching bear market of 2018).

Ethereum Classic is up less than 50% from its 2018 bottom, so there is room to run in theory to reach the highs of 2017 if not higher (BCH trades at 1/10th of Bitcoin’s price, one could see ETC theoretically trading at 1/10th ETH’s price which would be twice what it trades at now for example). That said, one likely does want to be cautious if they plan on building a long position for the [hopefully] upcoming bull market. Sure, ETC could double, but it could also get dumped hard by everyone who just bought at $15 or lower the other day or by those who have bags from the past.

Point being, 1. VERY exciting and 2. Be careful.

Article Citations
  1. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is now launching on Coinbase Pro.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

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