Kin Token Swap Deadline is June 12th; Here is What you Need to Know

How to Do the KIN Token Swap

Kin is moving from its current Ethereum-based blockchain, to a new “Kin Blockchain.” You must swap your tokens by June 12th. Here is how you do it.

Below is what in my opinion is the simplest method for swapping your Kin (unless you happen to already have swapped your Kin via an exchange like HitBtC).

  1. Download Atomic Wallet or buy a Ledger to store your new KIN (Atomic Wallet is free, just click the previous link; Ledger is a hardware wallet you have to buy). If you already have one of these, make sure to update your software!
  2. Go to (if you aren’t already a member and need to set up an account, feel free to use our referral link; Changelly accounts are free to set up).
  3. Hit the swap now button.
  4. Follow the steps to swap your KIN ERC20 (your KIN in your Ethereum wallet) for KIN on the new KIN blockchain. The new addresses start with a “G,” the old addresses start with an “0x.” In short, send all the KIN in your ERC20 wallet to your KIN wallet in Atomic Wallet or Ledger using Changelly. This process involves sending your KIN to Changelly’s ERC20 Wallet so they can send it to your new wallet… it is all clear when you follow the directions. Just remember the new KIN wallets start with “G” and the ERC20 wallets start with “0x.”

Triple Check Everything: This process involves copy and pasting or scanning in a few different crypto addresses and token amounts. It is easy to mess up, so go slow and triple check.

The Exchange is 1:1 Minus Fees: Minus some small transaction fees, the token swap is 1:1. Meaning you get one new KIN for every old KIN.

DO NOT TRY TO JUST SEND YOUR ERC20 KIN TO A NEW KIN WALLET. You cannot just send your old KIN to a new KIN address, you MUST use a token swap service that supports the transition. So do use Changelly (or Coinswitch; details on Coinswitch in the official document below).

More on Changelly: Changelly has some really solid directions, check out

More On Atomic Wallet: If you are using Atomic Wallet, follow these directions. If you already have Atomic Wallet, make sure to update your software before you take action!

Be Safe: Make sure to keep your pins, seeds, and passwords somewhere when you set up a new wallet!

Are There Other Methods? Above is what I consider to be the simplest way to swap your KIN. It isn’t the only way. If you already had your coins on an exchange, the exchange will do it for you in most cases. Meanwhile, there are a few other wallets and swapping services to use. To learn more about the token swap, see the official blog post: Migration for ERC20 Kin Holders Begins Today.

Is June 12th a Hard Deadline for the Token Swap? The official blog post implies that June 12th is the deadline, but it isn’t fully clear if that deadline will be extended.

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where is the swapp buton i wana swapp kinERC20 to the new kin but changelly does not have the swapp buton


I have my KIN in the Enjin wallet

Can I do it from my Enjin wallet or do I have to move all my Kin from my Enjin Wallet into

another wallet then do the swap from changelly

Can you please show me what to do so I don’t lose my Kin.

Thank you