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Binance has credited accounts for the first BTT airdrop. Everyone got 0.11 BTT per TRX they had.

Now the reality is that means you got about $1.40 worth of BTT for every $360 worth of TRX you had (i.e. if you had 0.1 BTC worth of TRX, you got about $1.40 worth of BTT).

That isn’t a big money maker, this is no BCH fork here… but remember, there are monthly airdrops every month until 2025.

So that is about 60 drops, 60 x $1.40 = $85. So if all prices remained the same (which they logically won’t), then you would get $85 worth of BTT if you HODL’d TRX until 2025.

That is great if you were going to HODL anyways, not as amazing for a short term investment.

Anyway, BitTorrent has stressed that these aren’t meant as dividends or an investment. Anyway, free coins are free coins, and you now have them on Binance… and likely the amount you have is too small to be worth dumping, which I’m sure is… exactly the point.

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Tron (TRX)

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annajt on

I had 15,000 TRX in my account before the initial monthly BTT airdrop, before the snapshot taken at block 6,600,000. These 15,000 TRX were not in orders. I left those TRX there, they are still in my account, but I did not received even a single BTT from this famous “airdrop”

Thomas DeMichele on

If you had your coins on Binance, you should get about 1,600 BTT. This should show up under “funds” under the symbol “BTT.”

Now here is the deal, if you were trading and you were moving your coins around, you may have missed the Binance specific snapshot.

Each exchange determines their own snapshot time, this will happen around the time of the snapshot and not at the exact time of the snapshot on the Tron network.

I suspect the reason Binance is not telling people specifics is to avoid volatility (for example to avoid people quickly trading in and out for free BTT).

So you either have to wait, or you missed out on your $1.50 worth of BTT due to moving your funds around.

NOTE: Having your TRX in orders is fine. They just have to be in your account.

NOTE: The next snapshot is around March 11th, so as long as you keep your BTT in your account you should be fine for that one. Remember it is one airdrop a month on the 11th until 2025 (so missing one here or there isn’t the end of the world).

NOTE: Ultimately everything here is up to Binance, if you think there was an error, create a support ticket and ask.