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There Are Many Ways to Look At Charts, Here is One Thing to Watch out For in My Opinion

If you want to find great plays during alt season, look for trend reversals and coins still under their 200 day EMA.

I’ve given an example with DASH above.

Below is what the total market cap of cryptos looks like right now. As you can see, if this does play out, we are very early into this part of the cycle. That is great news, that means there are many opportunities.

NOTE: No pattern has to play out, alt season seems like it has already started, but any really big moves could end up being delayed depending on the weather. I can only speak on what I can see here and what has happened so far. DYOR and make your own investment choices… and remember, don’t risk more than you can afford to lose, crypto is a speculative investment.

Crypto total market cap: Set up and waiting for alt season to be in full effect.

Accumulation, Markup, Distribution. Markdown. Four major parts of a market cycle.

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