Coinomi announced on its Twitter that it will be supporting the cryptocurrency Zclassic as well as the Zclassic Bitcoin fork “Bitcoin Private.”

This can be confirmed both on Coinomi’s Twitter and on Bitcoin Private’s Twitter.

What is Coinomi? Coinomi is a popular multicoin wallet that has been good about supporting Bitcoin forks in the past.

What is Bitcoin Private? Bitcoin private is an upcoming fork of Zclassic and Bitcoin.

When is the fork? According to the official Bitcoin Private site, the snapshot will occur on the first block time stamped after 5pm UTC on February 28th, 2018.

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joe on

So if i have a full z classic in my coinomi wallet on feb 28th Do I get bitcoin private?

Thomas DeMichele on

This is how I understand it. If you have bitcoin or zclassic at the time of the snapshot on Coinomi, then you should have equal parts bitcoin private.