People always want to know what will happen next in cryptocurrency. No one has a crystal ball, but the analysts on offer the next best thing.

That is, they offer free technical analysis on crypto charts.

That is, they create and share marked up charts that predict price trends in cryptocurrency, alongside explanations of what all the lines mean.

No one analyst will have a perfect answer, but reading of the top analysts will give you an overview of some less than perfect answers (a few of which are likely to be pretty accurate).

That is all, its a simple idea to convey that is sure to leave you with a bevy of less-than-simple things to think about 🙂

BOTTOMLINE: Don’t ask your social media group “should I hold?!” or “guys, what do you think will happen next?!” Chances are they don’t know if its a crash or a bear trap before an epic rally. Read, then go back and share the theories you find there with your group.

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