TRON / Ethereum Airdrop Planned as Tron Moves to Its Own Network

The TRON Ethereum Airdrop Explained

TRON (TRX) was an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. However, it is moving to its own network and plans to airdrop TRON to Ether (ETH) holders as a thank you.[1][2]

In other words, if you held ETH April 20th, 2018, you MAY get some free TRX on the new TRON network, as a thank you for the time TRON spent as an Ethereum-based “ERC20” token.

Details can be confirmed on an Article by Tron Labs and shared by Justin Sun on Medium called “TRON Announces 30M TRX Airdrop To Ethereum Community.” I have offered the essential details below in the form of excerpts (see the citations and Tweets for the full version).

TRON will airdrop 30M TRX (equivalent to approx. USD$1.7M) to active user with a balance of over 1 ETH after January 1,2018. Each account will receive random TRX (an amount between 10 TRX — 100 TRX will be randomly selected for each user).

Ethereum users who meet the following requirements will be eligible for airdrop:

1. Any account on the public blockchain that transfers or receives ETH from Jan-01–2018 00:00:02 AM +UTC — April 20, 2018 00:00:04 +UTC (block 4832686 to block 5471198).

2. Account has an ETH balance of over 1 on April 20, 2018 at 00:00:04 +UTC (block 5471198).

With that said, it is sort of a backhanded thank you, as TRON is planning to compete directly with the Ethereum network and this essentially incentivizes people to start using the new TRON network. Smart move, and a rather cool move too.

Here is the face of TRON Justin Sun making a bold statement related to my last point:

“From today to the last day, we are no longer the ERC20 token and in the future, we will compete with Ethereum as a DApp platform,” Sun had said during the launch of testnet. “We will compete face to face with Ethereum, and we have confidence we will build a large ecosystem; a much large ecosystem than the Ethereum. I will explain to you why we can surpass Ethereum in the future.”

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