Bitcoin Cash Fork Bitcoin ABC Coming May 15

Bitcoin Cash doing a hard fork on May 15th called Bitcoin ABC. Bitcoin ABC upgrades Bitcoin Cash to allow for an immediate block size increase and an adjustable blocksize cap. The fork also includes a suggestion for automatic replay protection.[1][2]

This hard fork, unlike many hard forks, is not about creating two competing coins with value. It is about an update to the Bitcoin Cash protocol that all nodes are expected to update to called Bitcoin ABC.

So really then, it is essentially just a Bitcoin Cash upgrade. This is exciting as an upgrade to a top coin is always important news, but this isn’t a situation where you are going to buy Bitcoin Cash so you can get free Bitcoin ABC coins.

Learn more about the Bitcoin ABC hard fork at the official Bitcoin ABC website and Official Bitcoin Cash website.


The Bitcoin Cash network will undergo a protocol upgrade on May 15th 2018. Businesses and individuals who use the Bitcoin Cash network should check to ensure that their software is compatible with the upgrade. A specification is available, and the upgrade is being tested on testnet. This upgrade is the first of planned series of protocol upgrades announced late 2017 by several developer groups.

NOTEBitcoin ABC is also the name of the Bitcoin Cash GitHub.

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