CryptoCurrency News from around the World and beyond. This section focuses on what is happening with cryptocurrency now. So that is things like countries embracing or rejecting cryptos, price milestones for Bitcoin and Alts, new ICOs, upcoming forks, etc.

Monero (XMR) Hard Fork MoneroV (XMV) Explained

Monero (XMR) is forking to create MoneroV (XMV). The snapshot block isĀ 1564965. Anyone in Monero in a wallet where they control their private keys before the snapshot will own MoneroV.

Lots of FUD in the Air as BTC Dips

This week was full of FUD. Binance phishing, SEC statement, Japan cracking down on exchanges, MtGox selling, oh my. Bitcoin’s price dropped accordingly. This FUD overwhelmed the rather excellent news like the Coinbase index fund.

Coinbase Announces Coinbase Index Fund

Coinbase has announced a Coinbase Index Fund. This fund is weighted toward Bitcoin and Ethereum, but will track the performance of all coins on Coinbase now and in the future.